Five Reasons Why Beyoncé is Queen

It is no secret that Beyoncé Knowles is one of the most respected females, not just within the music industry, but in the entire world. With officials such as Barack Obama and Nelson Mandela recognising her contributions to society, B is conjointly an artist and a philanthropist.

However, for the first time in my Beyoncé loving years, I stumbled upon a lot of B-centred criticism surrounding her 2014 Grammy performance with her husband Jay-Z.  Denounced for being too “sexual”, women were going as far as dubbing her as a “whore”. Bit extreme, no?

Here are my top five reasons why I feel that, despite this, Beyoncé is Queen and one of the most influential role models to women:

1- Her voice. One of elegance, soul and sheer power, with the ability to literally make you cry. Whether you’re a fan of Beyoncé’s style or not there is no denying that her musical talent is beyond comprehension.

2- Her message. Beyoncé has described herself as a “modern day feminist,” believing that women have every right to be as equally respected, powerful, educated and sexual as men are. Within all of her albums there is always the reoccurring theme of female empowerment.

3- Her beauty. There is no explanation needed. I think most females wish they looked a bit more like Beyoncé.

4- She is genuinely nice. I have never watched or listened to an interview where Beyoncé has been rude. She conducts herself with grace and appears to be a positive, kind and inspiring personality.

5- Beyoncé’s private life is private. She only allows what she wants to be shared with the world. Obviously the media can speculate but I have yet to read a true trashy story about Beyoncé.


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