Bondax Are Bringing It



Recently suffering from a severe case of writer’s block, a.k.a being the laziest human to grace the earth, I came to the realisation that my blog posts have been somewhat lacking. So here’s a simple one to ease me back in to the swing of things.

Now, I’m no music guru but may I solely present you with one word… Bondax. Unable to get enough of their songs, my summer music pick has to be Bondax. The electronic duo from Lancaster have a unique sound. Upon listening to their music, you essentially feel like the coolest person alive, suddenly becoming eager to attend any festival with an ice-cold drink in hand. Similar to bands such as Disclosure, Bondax are illustrating a new genre which is rapidly emerging onto the scene. Yes it is electronically influenced with elements of deep house blossoming throughout but there is still something which many find it challenging to put their finger on. It’s soulful, yet upbeat and at the same time incorporates a chilled out vibe, but ultimately their material is just so, so easy to listen to. Bondax are bringing something new to the table and I’m sure we can all appreciate that.






Read more about Bondax here.


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