Liquid Lipstick Lowdown




As soon as I laid my eyes on the Sephora sign in Prague I knew one of their much-loved Cream Lip Stains was destined to be mine. It’s a funny story how this colour ended up in my possession. Initially I bought the orange shade, Mandarin Muse, but one of my friends lost it on a night out in Amsterdam and instead offered me the shade that she picked up in 06 Pink Soufflé. And I’m in love.


The shade is that perfect Kylie Jenner-esque, pinky hue that everyone is craving. Sephora claim the liquid lipstick is a “high-coverage lip product with avocado oil for a silky, lightweight stain. Lips achieve stunning color and feel soft and comfortable.” I couldn’t put it better myself. The formula is moisturising, doesn’t flake and is so pigmented it’s ridiculous. This guy will last through meals, drinks and hours of talking.  For all you matte lip lovin’ gals out there, Sephora has your back for all of €8 or $13.


However knowing for UK residents like myself that its’ virtually impossible to get your hands on Sephora products (unless you pay a hefty shipping fee and for students that’s not really an option) I began to search for a dupe on a budget. And Bourjois delivered. Their Rogue Edition Velvets are almost identical in formula and price point to Sephora’s alternative. Bourjois’ answer to the liquid lipstick craze comes in at £8.99 in the UK. The texture is a bit more silky when first applied but dries to a completely matte finish that will not flake off throughout the day. The shade Don’t Pink Of It is very similar to Pink Soufflé however if this isn’t to your taste, there are 11 other colour options available.



Personally I feel that both of these are better than some high end brands’ offerings on the liquid lipstick front and are worth giving a go.

Have you tried either of these lip creams? What are your favourite shades? I’ve got my eye on Sephora and Bourjois’ red shades.

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