MAC Velvet Teddy Dupe



As the beauty world is going crazy for that 90’s throwback nude lip, it seems MAC’s Velvet Teddy has converted into gold dust making it near enough impossible to track down a tube of the matte-lip-wonder. 

Gals, I come bearing gifts. Well… Not gifts exactly. But some handy beauty knowledge if you are an admirer of the 90s nude trend. If you are struggling to get your hands on Velvet Teddy or just don’t fancy forking out £15.50 for a lipstick that you’re just not too sure about (nude can be a bit of a tricky one to get right) I have found the perfect VT dupe. 

Meet Maybelline’s Color Drama Lipstick in Nude Perfection. Weighing in at £4.99, it is a third of the price of its MAC doppelgänger. As long as you have a chubby pencil sharpener at hand, you are sorted. The Maybelline number is creamier in formula when first applied but dries to a comfortable, long-lasting matte finish. It does appear the tiniest bit lighter than Velvet Teddy however on the lips it’s an exact match. 





Have you tried either of these lipsticks? If so what is your favourite eye look to pair with a 90s nude lip? I’m keen to test out more colours from the Maybelline Color Drama range.

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