Edinburgh Eats | The Caffeine Drip


On a rainy afternoon in Edinburgh life just doesn’t seem too promising. Stuck for inspiration myself and a friend decided to search for somewhere new to visit that could accommodate a much needed gals catch up.

We heard about the Caffeine Drip and thought that it looked like a pretty cool place to visit so we decided check it out. We were not disappointed.


As soon as you walk in the rustic, quirky interior and recycled furniture reflects the café’s laid back vibe and friendly atmosphere. The Caffeine Drip also plays great music which isn’t too loud so you and your friends can actually hold a conversation while chowing down to some classic tunes.

The South African inspired food offers a unique twist to classic sandwiches and there are plenty of options on the menu ranging from soups, omelettes, cakes and of course fair-trade coffee.


I opted for a sausage bagel and white chocolate mocha which were both delicious. The staff were really friendly and didn’t constantly check up on us which is nice when you just want to chill and chat with your friends.

If you are in Edinburgh for a day of shopping along Princess Street or George Street, I highly recommend ditching your typical Starbucks or Costa coffee break for something new. Situated in a downstairs hangout on Melville Place, The Caffeine Drip is a hidden gem and a refreshing addition to Edinburgh’s West End.

Read the Caffeine Drip’s amazing reviews on Trip Advisor here.

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