The August Playlist

august playlist

This month’s offering is all about R&B (what’s new) with some throwbacks and funky remixes thrown into there to relate to any mood. Whether you are seeking some smooth tunes to relax with or getting ready for a night out, turn up your volume and have a listen.

For me, August has been the month of ALLLLL the Drake loving. It seems as if the Toronto-born bae’s tunes have slowly been coming out of the woodwork (not to mention that Meek Mill diss) and I can’t get enough. Sorry in advance to all the Drizzy haters out there but here are my favourites from him over the past four weeks.

Sweeterman |  Hotline Bling  |  Right Hand  |  Back To Back  |

Moving onto a different sort of vibe, Disclosure Willing & Able ft. Kwabs has been on repeat, along with Lianne La Havas’ What You Don’t Do (Tom Misch Remix) when I’m feeling a more laid back vibe. La Havas and Misch’s sounds work amazingly well together, so dreamy. Check it out.

Speaking of collaborations, this is probably the weirdest I have seen to date. But it is killer mix up of artists none the less, and the song is just as powerful as I expected. Everyday by A$AP Rocky ft. Rod Stewart, Miguel, Mark Ronson.

A new artist I haven’t been able to venture from during August is Kehlani. Her super cool exterior mirrors her new album You Should Be Here which channels a sort of Jhené Aiko, chilled out type sound with a slick, girl power vibe. Two of my favourites from it have been her songs Alive and The Way.

Fetty Wap ft. Remy Boys – 679. I think this song has been featured in every single Vine on the popular page but it is just so fun to listen to before heading out.

J.Cole is someone who I have heard so much about, but until recently I had been so blinded by my love of Drake and Yeezy that I had never given his music much time. However, this SONG. It is so weirdly addictive. If you are not into rap, please watch this purely for the music video. J.Cole – Wet Dreamz.

What playlist would be complete without a couple of throwbacks? Here are mine for the month of August. Staying with the soul feeling of this playlist, Grover Washington Jr. – Just the Two of Us has been stuck in my head constantly, such a classic. And finally, totally changing up the sound, Undercover Martyn by Two Door Cinema Club will forever be a firm favourite of mine.

Are you in to R&B and Rap too? If so, leave me suggestions of your most loved artists.

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