New Kicks | Puma Suedes


Puma Suedes are the one. I am still a loyal Nike lover but there is something so effortlessly cool about these kicks. Adidas Superstars are all the rage at the moment and I love the trend but something about them simply does not suit my style. However, I first seen Puma Suedes in the all grey option and I legitimately caught feelings for them. But naturally, they were sold out.

I started browsing through the other colour variables but it was not the same, until the black and gold came into my life and firmly secured their place in my heart. So confession, these are actually mens shoes. But seriously, who cares. They are so cool and versatile. My fave way to wear my Puma Suedes is with black ankle grazer skinnies, even with dresses and skirts they look super sleek. Photos really do not do the shoes justice.

The trick is with shopping for trainers you have to be a wee bit nifty. Have a mosey around. If you are a size 6 and below, try looking at the kids section, seriously you will save so much money on the exact same shoes! I purchased my Nike Roshe Runs in Foot Asylum’s kids department for £40 instead of £70. Ladies, if your dream sneaks are sold out, why not have a browse through the menswear section? More often than not they will stock almost identical trainers.

I purchased mine through Foot Asylum but ASOS are now stocking these lil babies which means free delivery, score, and student discount, double score. As for the matte grey version… I’m still keeping my eyes peeled!

What is your favourite trainer trend of the moment?

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