The #NoFilter Campaign | Edinburgh


Tourists flock to Edinburgh and dive right in to submerging themselves in the city centre’s ancient history along with the buzz of its happening nightlife. The castle, Scott Monument and Old Town all have so much to offer. But sometimes the rest of my home town can seem a bit lost, laying low in the shadow of the main cultural attractions.

London City Airport are championing a #NoFilter campaign. The aim of this competition is to convey how authentically beautiful a location is, without the need of masking photos by adding numerous filters, inspiring readers to discover an alternate side of their favourite European cities. Check out their website here. This month they are set to unearth everything Edinburgh and travel consultant Keith Savage from Traveling Savage will be judging the competition!

My advice is take yourself fifteen minutes east of the heart of Edinburgh and you will find the coastal suburb of Portobello. In my opinion, this is part of the ‘real’ Edinburgh. I am not saying the capital’s famous spectacles do not portray the ‘real’ Edinburgh but there is something so relaxing about taking a walk along the promenade at night with friends to debrief while admiring the city’s horizon. This makes for a chance to unwind after a busy day spent in the city centre, clambering your way through the crowds on Princes Street.

Eateries I thoroughly recommend in Portobello are the Foresters Guild, a pub with a genuine Scottish homely vibe (I am pretty sure dogs are allowed in here too). The food is great and they have the cutest seating area in the style of beach huts outside. The Beach House is Portobello’s most loved seaside café and a great pit stop for some tasty lunch if spending a day at the beach.


Another prime location to view some of the city’s most beautiful landmarks as the sun sets behind is the Queen’s Park at the foot of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh. Here is one of my favourite photos I took on my iPhone. You can see the outline of the Royal Observatory and the National Monument is the distance.

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 19.11.42

Here are my tips for #NoFilter photography. Ensure you have manually adjusted your exposure tailored to how you wish you photograph to look. Sometimes when taking sunset photos it is best to reduce the exposure so as colours are more vivid. If taking a photograph on your iPhone, tap the screen to test out where you want the central focus of the picture to be, this helps with the sharpness and can alter the lighting too. However, my main tip is to pick the best moment. Be patient, take a lot of photos and you will find the perfect one.

I hope this post encourages you to spread out and discover some hidden gems in Edinburgh. Other great open spaces and locations to view Edinburgh are Calton Hill, Arthur’s Seat, Crammond and the Meadows. 

Make sure to check out London City Airport’s #NoFilter Edinburgh campaign to see everyone’s photographs.


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