Artist To Watch | Kehlani


I have mentioned her in a few of my playlists of the month. Unapologetically owning her soulful yet energetic sound and edgy style, Kehlani is just the essence of cool, really.

I always enjoyed the Oakland artist’s music from when I first listened to FWU in 2014. But then, I discovered her latest album ‘You Should Be Here’. Upon hearing ‘Intro’, I unearthed a fresh level of appreciation for her as an artist. Advancing through YSBH, from the raw emotion that flourishes in ‘The Letter’ or the upbeat vibes that competently flow through songs like ‘Alive’ and ‘Wanted’, I realised the diversity she represents and the distinction she is exposing to the R&B/Hip-Hop world. I rooted a deeper connection with Kehlani and her music.

Her theme takes a poignant stance in empowering self-love with lyrics such as, “You are what you choose to be. It’s not up to no one else” in ‘Bright’. At only 20-years-old Kehlani is a relatable, authentically self-assured young woman beaming with promise not only for her career but as an advocate for all things girl power related. 

Buy You Should Be Here on iTunes. 


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