Top 4 Reasons to Visit Neal’s Yard Remedies Edinburgh


Upon walking into Neal’s Yard Remedies I was greeted by the team with a warm smile. The ambience was zen and the complimentary cup of herbal tea was comforting on a bleak and rainy Friday morning.

Tucked in the nook of Hanover Street, away from the hustle and bustle of Edinburgh’s chaotic shopping streets, Neal’s Yard Remedies is the perfect holistic health haven and beauty hideaway.

Over a cup of tea the owner of its Edinburgh franchise, Kate, explained the company’s role in Edinburgh’s blossoming beauty scene and the experience they offer to customers.



Here are my top four reasons to pay them a visit.


  1. Edinburgh is on a journey of discovering the benefits of natural beauty and Neal’s Yard Remedies are supporting it all the way.

“I think now there are a lot more people interested in natural health and are more educated about it. Before [the internet] people would see an advert, say for example a skincare product, and they would just go out and buy it without questioning it. Now a lot more people want to know what is in products, what ingredients do and where they come from.”

“We can trace back all of the ingredients in our products and everything is sustainable. We work closely with suppliers all over the world in supporting smaller businesses and farmers. Everything is as high quality as we can possibly source.”



  1. Neal’s Yard Remedies caters to all age ranges.

“Because we have therapy rooms here and there are medical herbalists working in them, we have a large number of customers who are interested in looking after their health that way. That can range from young people bringing in their children to elderly people. And it is the same with our cosmetic products and the skincare line.”



  1. The shop is helping to create and grow a natural beauty and health community within the city.

“In Edinburgh it is apparent everywhere you go that people are getting more and more into health and looking after themselves. Shops such as Lululemon on George Street host community events like free yoga classes. We try to work alongside other local businesses, for example our therapists sometimes go in to do taster sessions. There are also lots of healthy eating places like Hendersons and Hula Juice Bar. It all works really well together and everyone helps each other out.”



  1. Their staff will tailor their recommendations specifically to your needs in an attempt to resolve all of your skincare and wellbeing related woes.

“When you come into the store all of the staff use our products in their daily lives. We know how to find a specific product that is tailored to customers’ needs. We don’t do hard selling. If someone gets the right product for them and they take it away and love it, they will come back to try some other things.”

“We do skincare consultations on the shop floor where the staff will talk to you about your current skincare routine, your current lifestyle, what you’re using and what you are wanting. They will make a note and give you some samples of things that will be suitable for you.”




If you would like to experience a skincare consultation at Neal’s Yard Remedies shop in Edinburgh, book in advance by dropping them an email at:


My recommendations:

Wild Rose Beauty Balm 

- A multipurpose balm is every skincare lover's favourite 
product. Used for cleansing, the balm also can be worn as 
a mask or as an intensely hydrating moisturiser for dry skin.

Frankincense Hydrating Cream

- If you suffer from scarring or wrinkles this is worth a go. 
The lightweight moisturiser contains frankincense and myrrh 
which encourage the natural regeneration of skin cells.

Rejuvenating Frankincense Toner

- Toners prep the skin for increased moisture intake. 
I enjoyed testing out the Frankincense Toner as it has 
soothing properties with its aloe vera ingredient.


*Originally written by me for EdinBeauty


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