Summer Sixteen | Playlist


Reigniting my blogging enthusiasm has been a consistent goal throughout summer but each time I write something it doesn’t feel organic. It is forced and unreflective of myself. I created this space because I had a love for writing down thoughts while also relishing in the visual process of designing online content.

Naturally over time personal style evolves and the yellow tinged filters you once lived for on PicMonkey are stained with uncomfortable cringe. However, would you delete your whole Instagram feed the minute you decide on a new theme? When the thought of deleting all previous posts flickered in the background of my mind for a while I realised this is an extension of me. As my interests and style develop so does my blog.

An area that has remained of constant interest during my blogging venture has been my zeal for sharing and exploring music. I think this is why I find happiness in collating a new playlist. Yes it is the laziest blog post to write, but it is a start and who doesn’t appreciate good music?

Here is a gathering of songs that have been on repeat throughout the summer months. Encompassing new music, remixes, Lauryn Hill throwback vibes and Frank Ocean anticipation, I decided to share them via WordPress.




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