90s Micro Sunglasses Trend For Less

If you’re a regular Instagram browser, blog reader, model admirer or just anybody who L-O-V-E-S fashion, you will know that 90s cat eye and micro sunglasses are THE current accessory hype.

Donned on the faces of many a celeb, from the Hadid sisters to fashion blogger Aimee Song, Poppy Lissiman’s Le Skinny specs seem to be the it-crowd’s favourite outfit embellishment for Spring/Summer 18.

These babies won’t be a complete bank breaker, coming in at a sound ยฃ75. However, for a style that isn’t guaranteed to last a lifetime, some of us are more hesitant to splash a lot of cash on the micro trend.

But people of the internet, I have your back. If like me, you’re digging the feline-come-matrix vibes this season but don’t want to spend more than your weekly food shop on some frames, I present to you… eBay’s answer to Poppy Lissiman sunglasses.

Although I was tempted by at least six colourways, I chose to go with simple black and for something a bit more vibrant, but still classic, red. Together both pairs came to a total of ยฃ9. I chose to go with only two as I wanted to see how the shape would suit my face and how they compared to the advertised photos… You know what eBay’s like. I was more than pleasantly surprised and now I have my eye on the translucent pink option.

I found this particular seller through searching “90s Small Cat Eye Sunglasses”, however, there are so many similar and funky styles available for as little as ยฃ2 on eBay. This way you can explore the trend on a budget and still develop your personal style without delving into your overdraft.

Let me know what SS18 looks you’re living for.


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